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On this page you'll find both static and updating information including the address to write Mr. Dance, upcoming stage performance details, and activities of interest to all of 'Charlie's Angels'. Make sure you check back often!

Where to send your fan mail

Please bear in mind:

Several factors influence when Mr. Dance receives and replies to mail, not the least of which may be his busy schedule. So try not to write expecting a reply...That makes it all the nicer if you get one!

Send your letters to:

Mr. Charles Dance
c/o Tavistock Wood Management
45 Conduit Street
United Kingdom

Make a Difference
Naomi House is a children's hospice in southern England which Charles Dance supports. If you'd like to learn more about Naomi House, or help them in their efforts to aid sick children and their families, click on their logo to be taken to their homepage.

Calling All Angels

Lurker or not, join the Charlie's Angels Blind E-mail List to have news sent directly to you. You'll also find out about activities you can participate in -- things we don't discuss elsewhere! This is not a discussion list but simply a more efficient way for you to receive time-sensitive information...and you wouldn't want to miss out on something important, would you?

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Accounts that bounce e-mail will automatically be unsubscribed.

For more information about the Charlie's Angels Blind E-mail List, please read the FAQ.

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