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This is the place to find just about anything you could be looking for that's Charles Dance related on the web -- From videos, books and photos to eBay auctions, TV listings and more. Have a look around, and if you can't find it here ask on the message board!

Videos & DVDs featuring Charles Dance - Notes

Please check format compatibility with your system before ordering any item, or you may wind up with a video or DVD you can't view. Read the DVD and Video FAQ to find out more.

Please be aware that there can be editing differences between NTSC and PAL formats of the same video title. For example, the NTSC version of "Rebecca" is 15 minutes shorter than the PAL version.

Yes, PBS cut 15 rather illuminating minutes from their airing of "Rebecca", and the American video follows suit! See a list of what was cut here.

In such a case you might prefer to purchase the PAL video and have it converted; it costs more, but at least you'll see the entire programme as it was meant to be seen.

Format isn't the only difference...


For those looking for the 'Phantom of the Opera' NBC miniseries

This program has been re-released on DVD only, and can be found on some of the following sites.

NTSC Videos / Region 1 DVDs (U.S./Canada)  -- Please read this warning before making a purchase

Rather than list all the titles and prices available at each site, which change so quickly, I'll now only list links to sites and how to find the relevant videos once you get there.

· Acorn Media -- Stock 'Jewel in the Crown' and will soon add 'Nicholas Nickleby'.

· VideoFlicks -- Straight to their selection!

· - search their Video/DVD area for 'Charles Dance'

· "The Jewel in the Crown" is available from Critics' Choice Video for $99.00. For more information write them at PO Box 749, Itasca, IL 60143-0749, or telephone (within the US) 800-367-7765.

· PBS Shop -- do a search for "Jewel in the Crown" and "Rebecca" (see note above about this video in NTSC format).

· -- search on Charles Dance.

· CDNOW Movies -- search on Charles Dance.

· BigStar Video -- search on Charles Dance.

· BuyBuddy -- You'll have to wade through several pages to pick out Charles's films because their search function isn't too brilliant.

· VideoFlicks (Canada) -- straight to their selection! (Pricing in Canadian $)

· PriceGrabber -- Comparison shop for your Charlie videos. You might even find something you don't have....

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PAL Videos / Region 2 DVDs (England/Western Europe)  -- Please read this warning before making a purchase

· Cinemabilia (DE) -- Choose "Personnen suchen...", "DVDs + Videos", type in "Charles Dance", and press "Los". Easy!

· Classic Video Club -- search on Charles Dance.

· PAL Video Online -- Part of German Music Express. Do a compound search, with 'charles' in the first field and 'dance' in the second, and untick everything except DVD, NTSC video and PAL video. ("Phantom of the Opera" in German is available.)

· BlackStar Videos UK -- astounding range of videos and DVDs available.

· Abasko (DE) -- English and German sites available (this link takes you to the English page). Search on Charles Dance, wade.

· Amazon (UK) -- "Rebecca" and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" are available on video (23-Jun-01)

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Audio Books featuring Charles Dance as Reader

If you're looking for "The Letters and Journals of Lord Nelson", Mr. Punch Audio in London has a full stock! This double-tape audiobook costs £7.99. Postage and packing is £1.00 Europe and £1.75 the rest of the world. For credit card orders, dial +44 20 7368 0088 (UK: 020 7368 0088), or fax +44 20 7368 0051 (UK: 020 7368 0051). Or you can write:

Mr Punch Audio Ltd
139 Kensington High Street
W8 6SU

Waterstone's Online (UK) -- Reading Bernhard Schlink's "The Reader" -- do a search on 'Schlink' or '0001055402' (the ISBN of the cassette).

Open Group Audio Books -- Leading a cast reading of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities".

BookBuyers Outlet -- Leading a cast reading of Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities".

Amazon Books -- Reading Dick Francis' "Proof"

Amazon Books -- Reading a study guide to Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities"

Time Warner Audio Books -- Reading a study guide to Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" -- you can listen to a 3-minute audio excerpt on this page!

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Amazon Books -- "The Classical Monologue: Men" -- Full of classic male monologues from the stage, but you'll want it for the gorgeous half-face cover photo of Charles Dance from his RSC role as Coriolanus.

Barnes & Noble -- It's here! Carlton UK TV's "Rebecca" tie-in book; hardback with photos from the miniseries.

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AllWall Posters & Prints -- Offering an 8 X 10 of Charles as Ian Fleming from Goldeneye.

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Dance-Friendly Sites

The Dame Judi Dench Website -- Brilliant, a must-see!

Widey Technical Secondary School, Plymouth, Devon, England -- Think you'd be able to spot Charles Dance anywhere? Test yourself with these 1962 class photos, then see if you were right by checking the alumni list. Also read the school articles mentioning a certain young gifted basketball player!

The Gordon McAllister Shrine -- This young British actor has been adopted by Charlie's Angels as a promising new talent. Find out why he's one to watch!

eBay - Your Personal Trading Community -- One of the best ways to get hold of hard-to-find videos featuring Charles Dance...Bid on them in auction!

The Daphne du Maurier Web Site -- Devoted to the author of "Rebecca"; includes reviews of Carlton TV's 1997 adaptation.

Meryl Streep Online -- Myla runs this brilliant site devoted to the gifted chameleon Meryl Streep, whom Charles co-starred with in Plenty.

The Theatre, Musicals & Actors Web -- What's playing where in England (with regular updates), including a section that turns the spotlight on favorite actors. Check out Linda's fab page on Charles Dance, including photos not found here!

Jacqueline du Pré Homepage -- Nice photo from Hilary & Jackie.

The Internet Movie Database -- This link will take you directly to the IMDb UK page on Charles Dance, where you'll find background information on his films. Check out the new links to Amazon Video for availability.

The Infinite Coolness Website -- Some brilliant shots of Charles Dance as Benedict from Last Action Hero.

The Professionals -- Episode E09: The Ojuka Situation -- Yes, Charles made an appearance in this series.

Carlton UK TV's "Rebecca" Page -- Overview of the miniseries. Long-loading but worth it for the photos.

De Montfort Universities (UK) -- Scroll down to the Glittering Alumni section.

Red and Proud -- Charles receives a mention on this page devoted to famous redheads.

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TV Listings

TV NOW -- Do a search on Charles Dance, and TV NOW will give you a regional guide to the films he's in that will air on US cable and satellite over the next month. Brilliant!

Make sure to read Tube Life (under Entertainment Columns) while you're visiting, a straight talking, monthly on-line article penned by our own resident writer extraordinaire, Gretchen "Take No Prisoners" Ellis.

When is Charles Dance next on TV? -- Click to automatically search UK / Ireland / Sky Satellite listings. Powered by the extremely handy and versatile DigiGuide, which you can also download for your own use!

Movies on TV this week for Charles Dance -- from the IMDb; now international!

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Many of you have written to me or commented in the guestbook about how you would like to see Charles Dance in more productions that utilize his exceptional acting talent. You can help make that happen by writing the studios and production companies and letting them know how you feel.

Below is a list of places to start and an example letter. I'll add more addresses in the future. Remember, politeness is crucial; and never underestimate the power in numbers!

Studio Addresses

Carlton UK Productions (Producers of "Rebecca")
35-38 Portman Square

20th Century FOX Theatricals
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA

Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA

VP of Programming

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y.

President-NBC Entertainment

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y.

NBC West Coast President
3000 W. Alameda
Burbank, CA

The e-mail form for Masterpiece Theatre, which provided "Rebecca" on PBS in the States.

Look up the e-mail address for your local PBS station.

Example of letter to send to Studios and Production Companies

The following example letter is provided as a suggested guideline only. If you copy it, remember to edit the bolded portions.

Dear Sir or Madam:

As an admirer of English actor Charles Dance, I am rather dismayed that I do not see as many of his films/series as I would like on your TV station/from your studio. As you are probably aware, he has appeared in many wonderful productions, such as (name your favorite).

I know that many people also feel the same as me, and would appreciate seeing more of his work. (If you like, include a pointer to this site in your e-mail:

In that regard, I would ask that you give consideration to showing more of Mr. Dance on screen, and/or that when casting productions you bear his talent in mind.

Yours sincerely,

And last but not least, you can write to Charles Dance (or his agent, whose name I don't yet have) and express in your own words how much you enjoy his work.

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