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If you have a newspaper or magazine review of Charles Dance you'd like to contribute, or if you know of a relevant on-line review not listed here, please e-mail me. You'll get a mention for any submission accepted.

Magazine & Newspaper Reviews
Reviews: 'The Hollow Crown' -- June & July 2001; submitted by Pam
Review: 'Long Day's Journey into Night' -- November 2000; submitted by Margery
Book Review/article: 'The Life and Death of Lord Erroll' -- March 2000; submitted by Margery
Book Review: 'The Life and Death of Lord Erroll' -- March 2000; submitted by Margery
Review: 'Good' -- May 1999; submitted by Doris
Interview/Review: 'Good' -- 30 March 1999; submitted by Lyselle. This is the article which made us all fans of the Evening Standard's Neil Norman. ;)
Review: Hilary and Jackie -- 20 January 1999; submitted by Claire (no mention of CD, but an excellent overview for those of you who missed the film)
Various reviews of the play 'Good' -- 1999
"The Three Sisters" -- personal review of the play on Preview night in Birmingham, plus the saga of the flowers -- October 1998 -- Submitted by contact
"The Three Sisters" Sunday Times review -- 1998 -- Submitted by Gretty
Hilary and Jackie -- review from the Venice Film Festival -- 1998 -- Submitted by Kathryn
"Rebecca" -- 2nd half preview of the PBS miniseries -- 1998 -- Submitted by Claire
Ghosts Abounding: Rebecca and "Rebecca" -- Preview, 1997 -- submitted by June
Smokey in Space Meets Mad Max - Space Truckers -- Review, 1997 -- submitted by Nell
Kabloonak at the Montreal World Film Festival -- 1994 -- Submitted by Sheila C.
"Reflections in a Goldeneye" -- 1989 -- Submitted by Kathryn
"Coriolanus", three reviews (Stratford & Barbican) -- 1989 -- Submitted by Cheryl
"Charles Dance, Hunky Heel" - Pascali's Island -- 1988 -- Submitted by Kathryn
Reviews of 'Irma La Douce' -- 1979 -- submitted by Cheryl

Links to On-line Reviews

These links will open in a new browser window. Lange Returns to West End -- with a photo of Charles as Sir Henry Carlysle from 'Murder Rooms'; BBC News/Entertainment -- Nov 2000
Handsome? I should say so -- that infamous interview with Charles! The Independent -- Nov 2000
Court of Dishonour -- Guardian/Observer article about 'Justice in Wonderland' -- 2000 -- submitted by Gaddy
Keeping it in the Family (Weekend TV) -- Guardian/Observer highlighted TV programme reviews for the week of March 6, with a short but positive blurb about 'Justice in Wonderland' and CD near the bottom -- 2000 -- submitted by Gaddy
Dance class on the Nazi conundrum -- Guardian/Observer review of 'Good' -- 1999 -- submitted by Gaddy
A Curtain Up London Review -- 'Good', April 1999. Submitted by Nell.
Old Script, New Movie -- 1997 -- Review of "In the Presence of Mine Enemies"
TIFF '97 -- Review of the 1997 Toronto International Film Festival presentations. Scroll down the page to read about The Blood Oranges.
Space Truckers Review -- yes, another (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Consider it appetizers for you US folks. Submitted by Sheila P.

Angel Flights Angel Flight 2007: -- Reports and photos from our trip to London to see Charlie in 'Shadowlands' at The Wyndhams Theatre
Charlie appears in 'The Exonerated' at Riverside Studios in London -- Sato and Kathryn report -- 2006
Charlie reads Harold Pinter's 'Celebration' at the Albery Theatre in London -- Helle's report and photos -- 2005
Ladies in Lavender opens in NYC at the Tribeca Film Festival -- Jo's photos -- 2005
The London Premier of Ladies in Lavender -- Ditte's photos -- 2004
Ladies in Lavender at the Toronto Film Festival 2004 -- Doc Kathryn's review -- 2004
Angel Meeting - Germany -- Angels Birgit and Marianne share their visit -- 2002

Angel Flight Austria -- German Angel Birgit shares a couple of nice photos from her visit with Austrian Angel Maria. -- 2001
Angel Flight 3 Photo Collection: -- Highlights from the trip to London to see Charles in 'Long Day's Journey into Night'! -- January 2001
Angel Flight San Francisco (AF 2.75?) Photo Collection: -- A fab weekend hosted by Angels Anne and Megan -- August 2000
Angel Flight 2.5 (AF2.5) Photo Collection: -- Angels Kathryn, Cheryl, Claire and Gaddy meet in the great US Northwest and get up to no good...but boy, did they have fun! -- March 2000
Angel Flight 2 (AF2): -- The Angels share their experience in England for 'Good' and meeting Charles Dance! -- April 1999
Angel Flight '98 -- How several Angels got to meet Charles Dance on the closing night of 'Three Sisters' -- November 1998

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