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Photo courtesy of Charles Dance
Every time I see Charles Dance on-screen I want to do the Macarena. Never mind I don't know how to do the Macarena. Is it those oh-so-expressive hooded blue-green eyes? His ginger hair? That polished voice? The urbane charm embodied in that 6'3" frame? Or is it because he's quite simply a terrific actor?

Well, don't tell my husband....

I first became aware of this brilliant English actor in 1990, when he appeared in the title role of NBC's Phantom of the Opera miniseries. To borrow a line from the late Burt Lancaster who co-starred as the Phantom's father, the script "could have been better." Most Phantom phans agree: Kopit's Phantom is just another in a long line of ill-advised departures from Leroux's original novel.

In spite of my criticism, I found myself wrapped up in the fate of Mr. Dance's Erik by the series' conclusion; sight unseen I was hooked on the man behind the mask. Now here, I thought between my tears, is an actor who knows how to use his eyes and voice to powerful effect. Charles Dance hasn't let me down since.

This very private actor prefers to avoid fan attention; there is no authorized Charles Dance Fan Club. Considering my excruciating and subsequently brief experience with the politics of another popular British performer's fan association, I don't blame him. If you want to worship someone, go to church. Celebrities are people. They owe us nothing more than what they're willing to tell us, and you don't need to join a club to get that information. Trust the wisdom of the Rebel Alliance. Right, fellow rogues? ;)

That said, here's some of what Charles Dance does share:

    He was born in Birmingham on October 10, 1946. Following the death of his father at age four, his mother moved them to the Plymouth area of Devon. Charles went on to study graphic design at art school in Leicester, but on returning to Devon, an early love of acting resurfaced and two retired RADA actors agreed to coach him part time. Eventually this led Charles to the Royal Shakespeare Company. His breakthrough came in 1984, when he played the part of Guy Perron in 'The Jewel in the Crown' for Granada TV.

    Charles is divorced; he and his ex-wife Joanna have two adult children, Oliver and Rebecca.

    You can learn more about Charles by reading interviews done at various points in his career. Check out the Archive.

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About Charlie's Angels

As you might have gathered from my small treatise above, this homepage and its visitors do NOT constitute a Fan Club {shudder}, nor am I 'in charge' other than as Webmistress. And while Mr. Dance does very kindly update me on his professional activities when he can, I don't claim to be an Official Source of information. His involvement in this homepage is a fluke of luck -- never expected, but something for which we're all very grateful.

As for the sobriquet "Charlie's Angels", this is an informal reference to the Charles Dance admirers who congregate here. My husband Paul ('Pez') used it first, and it stuck.

(By the way, admirers and Significant Others of the male persuasion are lightheartedly referred to as Choir Boys, with our apologies. No debates about the gender of angels, please!)

So how do you become one of Charlie's Angels? Simple. If you're reading this you're probably one already, since all that's required is an appreciation of and interest in Mr. Dance's work. There are no annual dues, no registration. You don't even have to announce your presence here. In fact, you can remain anonymous and still receive news of interest by joining the Charlie's Angels Blind E-mail List (see the Notice Board).

How deeply you involve yourself in this homepage is entirely up to you. Even if we never know you're out there lurking, you're still 'one of us' and most welcome to the site! Please have a look around, as each page offers its own unique type of information.

However you decide to use this page, I hope you enjoy what it has to offer.

Mary ('contact')

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There, you've all been properly chastised. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits if you fail to heed my warning.

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