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26 January 2010

The St Thomas Lupus Trust in London are selling a 2010 calendar that features popular celebrities, including a foreword by Charlie with photo. The calendars are very reasonably priced and 100% of the proceeds go to the St Thomas Lupus Trust, a charity which Charlie supports.

To see who else is featured and to order, please visit the St Thomas Lupus Trust online shop.


16 March 2009

In a very brief update, Charlie says he's being "very villainous" for an episode of the BBC's new series, "Merlin". They are currently filming in Cardiff, Wales, and then it's on to France. I have no idea when this episode will air or if "Merlin" will make it to foreign shores, but N. American Angels will want to keep an eye on BBC America!

Update: NBC has picked up "Merlin" for its summer schedule. US air dates:

MERLIN -- premiere 8-10 p.m.; June 28 airs 8-10 p.m.; July 5 resumes regular time 8-9 p.m.

HOWEVER, "Merlin" isn't new. It has already run a season (13 episodes) in the UK; the second season is now being filmed. That means US Angels won't see Charlie till next year -- provided NBC renews the series for a second season. We can help that happen by boosting the ratings: watch/TIVO every episode of "Merlin" this summer, and ask friends & family to do the same!

Please see The Live Feed for more, including a trailer. You can also keep tabs on the show at The Pendragon, and read NBC's announcement.


23 September 2008

On Sunday, 5 October, Charlie will appear with Joanna David for a reading of 'Beloved Clara' at Cadogan Hall, London.

'Beloved Clara' is the story of the intense relationships between Robert Schumann, his wife Clara and Johannes Brahms, as conveyed through music and extracts from their letters and diaries. Award-winning pianist Lucy Parham supplies the music of Schumann, Brahms and Mendelssohn.

'Beloved Clara' (click for online tickets)
Sunday, 5 October 2008, at 7pm

Cadogan Hall
5 Sloane Terrace

Tickets: £14-£25 

Also, on Thursday, 4 December, Charlie will give a reading in aid of the St. Thomas Lupus Trust at their Christmas Concert. Also appearing are Lynn Faulds Wood, Graham Cole, the Revelation Choir, St Peter's Eaton Square Infants School and the ZHL String Ensemble.

This is a great cause so please attend and bring a friend to share the holiday spirit!

St. Thomas Lupus Trust Christmas Concert
Thursday, 4 December 2008 at 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm)

St. Margaret's Church
Westminster Abbey
St. Margaret Street

Tickets (in advance): Adults £5.00 Children £2.00
On the door: Adults £7.50 Children £3.00


10 July 2008

Charlie will be making a one day only appearance at this year's London Film & Comic Con on Saturday, July 19. He'll be available for autograph signing and there will be the opportunity to have a professional photo taken with him.

The London Film & Comic Con runs from Jul 19-20 at Earls Court 2, London. For more information please visit London Film and Comic Con.


26 May 2008

In an update, Charlie tells me he has just finished presenting a documentary about the secret life of Charles Dickens for Channel 4. In July he begins work on a tv series called TRINITY which is, as he describes it, "about rather shady 'goings-on' at a university - I guess you could call it a black comedy."

He also just returned from Eilat, Israel, where he was the guest of honor at the 6th Red Sea Film Festival and received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Go, Charlie!


31 January 2008

Despite global warming, Hell hath frozen over.

On Tuesday, the Critics' Circle Awards 2007 were announced, and Charlie took Best Actor for Shadowlands (through 23 February at The Novello Theatre). Not that this should be a surprise. Anyone who's had the pleasure of seeing Charlie in this play knows what a stupendous performance he gives as C.S. Lewis...A fact apparently not lost even on the afore-mentioned critics.

Therein lies the surprise. Because a few of them, including the Critics' Circle chairman, Charles Spencer (Daily Telegraph), have for many years treated Charlie to a despicable litany of bad reviews, often times grossly unfounded and seeming to spring from nothing but malice.

I'll admit, I'm no lover of critics. From the time I was old enough to read film reviews in the paper, I learned to despise them. Perhaps critics speak to the common herd, but not to me. I go out of my way to see a movie I'm interested in, especially if the critics have panned it.

So I felt a surge of exaltation on reading that during his acceptance speech on Tuesday, Charlie turned the tables and toasted -- as in applied dangerous levels of heat -- the critics who'd just given him their Best Actors award. He took a few moments to read what critics Charles Spencer, Michael Coveney and Robert Gore-Langton had written about his acting in the past. It was the long-awaited "gotcha".

Some may find his behavior questionable, even rude. I applaud him for being true to himself. It isn't often in life we get the chance to set our detractors back on their heels by pointing out their hypocrisy face-to-face. Showing yourself to be the "better person" by not lowering yourself to your enemy's level may be politically correct and light eyes with admiration, but there's small comfort in forgive and forget when your career has been undeniably dented by poison pens. This was bloodless revenge, not bloody.

Congratulations, Charlie, and vive la guerre!


16 January 2008 –

Shadowlands recently moved to The Novello Theatre and closes 23 February, so if you're planning to see it now is the time!


9 October 2007 – 'Shadowlands' opening night accolades

Shadowlands opened last night at the Wyndham's Theatre in London and the reviews are great! 4 stars across the board in the major UK newspapers this morning, including a surprisingly fervent thumbs up for Charlie from The Telegraph's irascible Charles Spencer. To read what's being said, please check the reviews thread on the message board.

Angel Flight London, Oct 2007 is well into the planning stage now, with 17 Angels scheduled to descend upon the Wyndham's on Friday, 26 October. A pre-play dinner will be scarfed down at Porters Restaurant. If you'd like to join us for either or both, please email me.



Charlie has just confirmed that "Shadowlands" will run in Wyndham's Theatre in London's West End from 3 October through at least 15 December. Janie Dee co-stars as Joy Gresham. Tickets for the West End production aren't available yet.

The play will also tour the UK a month beforehand: Arts Theatre, Cambridge from 5-8 September 2007; Milton Keynes Theatre From 10-15 September 2007; Richmond Theatre, London from 24-29 September 2007.

If you're interested in joining a group of us for a West End performance some time in October, please keep an eye on the message board discussions for plans we're making, and see the Angel FAQ at the top of the message board if you'd like to join the discussion!

Charlie will also be appearing in 'Consenting Adults' on BBC4, 5 September, at 9 p.m. Some of what appears on the BBC winds up on PBS or other affiliated stations worldwide, so keep an eye on your tv schedules.



At 2.30 p.m. on Friday, 20 April, Charlie will be participating in the Haymarket Theatre's Masterclass programme. Masterclass offers free talks and workshops with leading theatre professionals to young people between 17 – 30 yrs and mature students. For further information and booking, please visit The Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass website.

This Autumn Charlie hopes to tread the West End boards as the lead in "Shadowlands", the moving real-life love story of CS Lewis and poet Joy Gresham. The dates and venue aren't fixed yet -- the production is still up in the air -- but let's keep our fingers crossed for Charlie on this as it's a wonderful story and he very much wants to do it.

He goes on to say: "Quite what I'm going to do next I don't know. (If I had a dollar for every time I've said that in the last thirty-odd years I could finance a movie!)"

In that vein he tells me things are looking up on financing the production of his screenplay THE INN AT THE END OF THE WORLD, which has been languishing for a while now in need of bankrolling. After Charlie's success with LADIES IN LAVENDER, who wouldn't back this horse?


28 June 2006 – Charlie received an OBE (Officer of the British Empire) on the Queen's Birthday Honours List. (Her Majesty's official birthday was celebrated on 17 June.) This is his first honour and long overdue.


Additionally, here's an update from the man himself:

"I've finished with Wesley Snipes in Bulgaria (another of my cameos!) [I believe this is THE SHOOTER ~ contact], during which I nipped over to LA to do some 'drum-banging' for the Bleak House Emmy Campaign - those long flights kill me! I've finished recording A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS for the radio, and I'm about to start a very dark thriller - FALLEN ANGEL for television - very interesting part! I'm not sure when STARTER FOR TEN is to be released but word is that it's rather good!

"Regretfully the recital I was to do in Bristol clashes with filming dates for the thriller so I've had to pull out of it."


31 March 2006 – The discerning Broadcasting Press Guild Awards have honored Charlie with its Best Actor award today for his role as Mr. Tulkinghorn in BBC1's 'Bleak House'.

The popular miniseries took away three awards in all: Best Drama Series, Best Actor (Charles Dance), and Best Actress (Gillian Anderson as Lady Dedlock). You can read more about it in the Independent: BBC's star-studded adaptation of 'Bleak House' shines at awards

Far be it from me to sound snarky, but there's a poke in the eye to the The Royal Television Society Awards which snubbed him on March 14. It's high time Charlie was recognized for his stellar performance in 'Bleak House'!

Way to go, Charlie!!


28 March 2006 – Charlie will appear with Suzi Quatro in 'The Exonerated' today (March 28) through April 2 at Riverside Studios in London.

'The Exonerated' tells the true stories of six innocent individuals who faced the death penalty for crimes they didn't commit. It played off-Broadway and on tour through the US to great acclaim. 'The Exonerated' features a shifting cast of guest and ensemble members and runs through June 11 in London.

Please visit The Exonerated website for more info and to book tickets. Gratitude to Elizabeth Brown, production assistant on 'The Exonerated', for sharing the information with us.


28 December 2005 – BBC's production of 'BLEAK HOUSE' will be airing on PBS in N. America starting January 22. The miniseries stars, among many others, Charlie as Mr. Tulkinghorn and Gillian Anderson as Lady Dedlock, and will appear in six parts concluding February 26. Charlie tells me that around the same time he and Gillian will be cruising the US chat/entertainment show circuit to promote the PBS broadcast, so keep your eyes open for them, US Angels!


24 November 2005 – From December 1st-3rd, Charlie will be taking part in a reading of British playwright Harold Pinter's "Celebration" at the Albery Theatre in London. If you're interested in attending, please visit the London Theatre Guide for performance and ticket information.


17 October 2005 – Naomi House letterToday I received a very kind letter from Naomi House in response to our donation of £300.00. (Click on the thumbnail to read the letter). Thanks again to each Angel who helped mark the occasion of Charlie's birthday in this very special way!


15 October 2005 – For Charlie's birthday on 10 October, we Angels decided to make a contribution to one of his favorite charity organizations: Naomi House Children's Hospice in southeast England. My personal thanks to every Angel who helped us pool £300.00 for Naomi House in Charlie's name. And in case you're wondering, Charlie is pleased with our gift as well!

Here, in his own words, is the latest from Charlie:

"Thank you and all the Angels who as ever have remembered, celebrated and marked my 59th (arrrrrrrgh!) year by donating so generously to the hospice.

You really are Angels of the highest order.

"Here's a catch-up....

"I decided, for 'creative reasons' not to participate in the bio-pic of John Paul II.

"I've seen the first three parts of "BLEAK HOUSE" and I have to say it's mind-blowingly good. My character 'Tulkinghorn' is possibly the most unpleasant character I've ever played - you'll love to hate him! It begins airing on BBC1 October 27 with the first of 16 twice weekly half-hour episodes.

"I've just started filming STARTER FOR TEN for a Sam Mendes and Tom Hanks co-production - bit of naughtiness in this one I'm afraid!

"After that I'm guesting in an episode of "MISS MARPLE", then I hope I can concentrate on my next directing job which in an ideal world I'd love to start shooting in the spring of next year - angelic fingers crossed please!

"No doubt you've heard about The Dinard Festival with me and LADIES IN LAVENDER picking up The Prix de Coeur - came as a bit of a shock but a very pleasant one!

"So... my love to you all - not least those of you who've survived mother nature's wrath."

(That last bit is a reference to those who found themselves in the paths of hurricanes Katrina and Rita - contact)

For the curious -- or the strategically located looky-loos in the crowd -- I've learned from the Internet Movie Database that Starter for Ten (an adaptation of David Nicholls' bestseller of the same title) is currently being filmed at Bristol University and environs.

And a heads up on Ladies in Lavender, which will have its US DVD release on December 6! See Amazon.com to pre-order.

Finally, congratulations and celebrations to our Favourite Director on the film award for Ladies in Lavender! Clever people these French, non?


16 September 2005 – The Message Board will be inaccessible for a major portion of the day today. This is a scheduled outage, part of Network54's continued upgrade of its servers and software, and nothing to do with the Charles Dance site. Apologies for the inconvenience!


16 August 2005 – I've just had a wonderful update from Charlie! He tells me Ladies in Lavender is still enjoying enormous success and has now grossed some $16m world-wide, with all territories sold and some still to open. It's re-couped its cost and is about to go into profit. No mean feat for a low-budget independent British film that was made for grown-ups...but with such talent at the helm, this Angel isn't surprised!

He says that he continues to introduce Ladies in Lavender at various film festivals. This week it's Copenhagen, and after that he'll be chairing a debate at the Edinburgh Festival about the exploitation of lower paid members of the film business. Then, on Sunday 21st August, he's introducing Ladies in Lavender at the Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, with a Q&A; afterwards. This, the Rex says, is their "best-selling film (over 2,500 since January. Seating capacity 294)". Sorry, Angels, but on checking I find this engagement is already sold out!

Charlie reports he's now getting his next directorial project off the ground, an adaptation of Alice Thomas Ellis' THE INN AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. (If you're not familiar with the story, you can read reviews and buy a copy through Amazon.) He hopes to start shooting sometime next year.

Shooting has finished for Charlie's villainous role in 'Bleak House' for the BBC. He says he believes it will air in the UK in October. He's also done his bit ('bit' being the operative word, he says) for Woody Allen. As yet the film has no title other than Woody Allen's Summer Project.

As Doc recently noted on the message board, Charlie will be going to Rome next month to play one of Pope John Paul II's cardinals in a four-hour mini-series for CBS. It stars John Voight and Cary Elwes; Charlie says the other parts are cameos. After that he has a "risque" role in the British film adaptation of David Nicholls' best-seller STARTER FOR TEN. See this link at Amazon UK for more about this book.

On top of all this he's doing a couple of evenings of a recital, written by pianist Lucy Parham, about the life of Robert Schumann.

I think describing Charlie as "busier than a one-armed paper hanger" at the moment is an understatement...But there's no denying that his love of his craft gives us Angels plenty to look forward to!


12 January 2005 – Charlie recently let me know that Ladies in Lavender has been picked up for US distribution by Roadside Attractions. Gretty, our resident film authority and general Angel in-the-know, illuminated for us:

"Roadside has distributed such box-office hits as Fahrenheit 9/11Motorcycle Diaries, Control Room, Super Size Me, Remember Me (French language), Bowling for Columbine, and a very big MGM-made special film, Walk on Water.  These are just for this year, although Bowling... is a holdover from 2003, due to Moore's hit Fahrenheit 9/11

"Roadside doesn't necessarily distribute to art houses.  In 2004, six of their acquisitions were screened in multiplex cinemas and were VERY BIG box office!!!"

Charlie is grateful to everyone who asked Sony to pick up distribution.

The US release date for Ladies in Lavender is yet to be announced.


27 December 2004 –    ACTION ALERT!

Warm holiday greetings from Charlie, Angels!

In a recent phone call, Charlie mentioned that Ladies in Lavender will be premiering at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on January 16, 2005. (This is a correction; I originally said it was the 17th which is wrong. Also, Doc Kathryn has confirmed with the Film Festival that LiL will also be screening on January 13th...So there will be TWO screenings!)

Charlie then said they still don't have a distributor in the USA. Although they're schmoozing with Sony Pictures Classics (SPC) for a distribution deal, nothing solid has yet materialized...which means there's no telling when we might see a stateside release!

I've since learned that SPC acquisition reps will be attending next month's film festival. (It's what they do). However, it's my considered opinion that we Angels can raise Sony's interest level in LiL beforehand with a letter-writing campaign, and Charlie agrees!

Here's my idea: we each SPC and urge them to pick up the US distribution rights for Ladies in Lavender.

What to write? Well, SPC says they look for "director-driven, fresh, original, often sophisticated stories that can touch contemporary audiences" -- so if you've already seen Ladies in Lavender, tell them how much you enjoyed it and why you think Sony would be the perfect US distributors. I encourage overseas Angels to write as well! Even if you haven't seen LiL yet, you can mention the other films Sony Classics have produced/distributed in the US that you may have seen, which include "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Nil by Mouth", and "Dark Blue World"!! Or simply say you're a great fan of Mr. Dance and you're hopeful SPC will distribute his directorial debut in the USA. Basically, whet their appetite for LiL's premiere at next month's film festival. Compliment and thank them for considering adding LiL to their stable for US distribution. And it goes without saying but I will anyway -- be polite! :)

This action has Charlie's seal of approval (he was very enthusiastic about it) so I hope you'll take a few minutes to write to Sony Pictures Classics and help ensure Ladies in Lavender is distributed in the US.


23 October 2004 –    Let's hear it for our favourite director!

As all of you know, Ladies in Lavender has been chosen for The Royal Film Performance 2004. It premiers on 8th November in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen at Odeon Leicester Square, London, in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund.

So...would you like to attend? (Silly question...) If you're already on the phone/computer booking a flight, you'll also want to visit Splendid! Tickets: Royal Film Performance 2004, Ladies in Lavender for event ticket information.

Go forth and applaud rapturously!


13 July 2004 – Ladies in Lavender news from Charlie, who writes:



  [that's Dame Judi to the rest of us! - contact]  and I opened the Taormino Festival in Sicily with a gala screening of Ladies in Lavender. This was in a Greek Amphitheatre that seats around two thousand people, a screen the size of Westminster Abbey, and stars twinkling above us. Heady stuff, I can tell you! The film received a rapturous reception and we picked up a rave review in Variety that I could almost have written myself. We then had a duff review in Screen. Well that's life, you can't please all of the people all of the time. However, the film is being talked about in the most glowing terms and most of the world territories have been sold. The big one, namely 'Uncle Sam', will hopefully happen at the Toronto Festival in September. Meanwhile we had a screening for the UK distributors and the cast and crew in London recently which also went down a storm. The official opening is scheduled for November 19, with a premiere happening a couple of days before that. Whilst I would rather it were sooner, we don't want to get caught up with a load of mega-budget block-busters which are due to open before that.

"If at least one of 'The Great Dames' (if not both of them!) don't pick up an award I'll eat my hat! They are so wonderful and incredibly moving - so take lots of tissues when you see it!

"Meanwhile I've just done a bit of acting for an Italian Telvision bio-pic on one of the Vatican's good guys, Don Bosco. Needless to say I play the quite nasty Prefect of Turin.  I needed to put a few Euros in the bank, don't you know!

"I'm now writing 'The making of....' to coincide hopefully with the release of the film. Not much other acting around at the moment, but when there is I'll let you know."

[Please do not reproduce any content from this site without prior consent! - contact]


For several photos and an interest piece about the LiL filming that took place in Cadgwith Cove, Cornwall last September, go here: Ladies in Lavender. (Very pretty place, Cadgwith. You can also rent a cottage on this site!)

And see Lavender Ladies Light Up the Town for more about the film crew's activities, plus a nice photo of Charlie with Judi Dench.


16 March 2004 – I received a nice letter from Charlie today, and in it he updates us on his film, Ladies in Lavender. Rather than try to paraphrase I'll just let him tell everyone in his own words:

'Ladies In Lavender is almost put to bed, and I screen it for the Cannes selectors on Friday and then again in Paris next week. Fingers crossed! I am very pleased with how the film has turned out. Apart from a couple of award winning performances from 'the Dames' (Maggie Smith and Judi Dench), Nigel Hess, our composer, has written some glorious music, most of which is played by the great Joshua Bell and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Sony Classic are to release the soundtrack and a concert is planned to coincide with the opening (don't know when that is yet) featuring the music from the film.'

I know for a fact that Charlie's been pouring heart and soul into this project, and from what I hear, the result is outstanding. Let's keep our wings crossed for him and Ladies in Lavender. First Cannes, then the world!!


14 March 2004 – The Message Board has been unstable for a few days now. Despite an e-mail from myself and numerous questions posted to their Support Forum from other board owners, Network54, who host our board and many others, are not answering any queries on the status of their servers. This utter lack of customer service is something I will be addressing with Network54...whenever they show their faces again.

Onto other things. Some of you may have heard, from myself or elsewhere, that I was planning on turning care of this website over to Doc (Kathryn). The reasons for that are long and complicated, and are moot in any case, as I've decided to continue handling the site myself. But let me reiterate two points for those who might not have got it yet:

The site is NOT going away.

The Message Board is NOT going away.

There was never any danger of either of those things happening. I don't care who you heard it from. I never said it. I would never allow the site and/or the message board to just vanish forever without prior notice. If you thought that could happen then you don't know me!

Anyway, what you will find 'new and different' is that a PayPal Donate button now graces the bottom of the Homepage, along with a link to my explanation of the need for this. I hope you'll read it (some of the statistics are interesting, if you like that stuff), and perhaps even find a way to contribute. If not, don't feel bad. I know what it's like not to have pocket change! :)

Now, quitcher frettin', quitcher moanin', and get back to enjoying the Homepage!!


9 February 2004 – The auction of celebrity doodles on Ebay (including Charlie's) has now been announced to begin on February 13, 2004. At the moment you can check out the "National Doodle Day" Ebay Auction info page or, for more information about the event, go to http://www.nationaldoodleday.org.uk/.

Today I've also received a copy of the doodle Charlie has contributed for your viewing pleasure. It's quite sweet!

Happy bidding starting 13 February... :)


24 January 2004 – February 27th is "National Doodle Day" in the UK, a month-long fundraising event in support of Epilepsy Action and The Neurofibromatosis Association that actually kicks off on February 2nd. To do your bit, go to your nearest Lloyds Pharmacy (UK) any time during the month, purchase a doodle card (£1 each), and submit your doodle for judging.

Celebrities including Charlie are taking part as well, with all celebrity doodles being auctioned on Ebay during February. I'll be receiving a copy of Charlie's doodle for display purposes; look for it here after February 2nd, and then be sure to check out Ebay if you'd like to own an original 'Charles Dance' work of art!

Thanks to Roberta Tweedy, the Chief Executive of The Neurofibromatosis Association, for all this information.


The Rubix Cube is is not the only twisty puzzle. Learn about Pyraminx, the 2x2 and 4x4 cubes, the Megaminx on Ruwix.com.

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