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Test your Dance I.Q. (Intoxication Quotient) -- Take the Charles Dance Trivia Quiz!

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Thank -- or grumble at -- Mimi for providing the questions for this installment!
(Answer all the questions, then check your Dance I.Q. -- JavaScript required.)

1. "Rebecca", "Justice in Wonderland" and "What Rats Won't Do" - what do they have in common?

Charles is in love with a much younger woman
Charles testifies in court
We hear the British National Anthem

2. Charles often dies in his movies. In which of the following doesn't he die of a gun shot?

Michael Collins
Phantom of the Opera
Shortcut to Paradise
China Moon

3. What do the films "Good Morning Babylon", "White Mischief", and "Goldeneye" have in common?

In all these movies, Charles plays a person who really existed
All these movies were produced by a foreign country (not UK)
Greta Scacchi was Charles' partner in all of them

4. In which of the following do we hear Charles saying "You're a dead man!" with his coldest voice?

Space Truckers
The Golden Child
China Moon
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

5. The following movies have scenes filmed in France; in which one did Charles not appear in those scenes?

Out on a Limb
Phantom of the Opera

6. Charles takes care of a dog who is more precious than he thinks in:

Hidden City
Tales of the Unexpected
The McGuffin

7. What is the relashionship between Charles' character and the heroine in "The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes"?

He is her brother-in-law
He is her father
He was her lover in the past

8. Charles' character loses his job because he performs experiments on animals in:

First Born
Exquisite Tenderness

9. Which actress has not had a love scene with Charles?

Cassie Stuart in "Hidden City"
Alexandra Paul in "Out of the Shadows"
Jenny Seagrove in "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

10. This famous singer was one of Charles' rivals in "Plenty":

Chris Rhea
Ronan Keating
Shane MacGowan

11. Charles has played characters from these classic writers, except one. Which one?

Charles Dickens
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Gaston Leroux

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