"Rebecca" – scenes edited from the PBS broadcast and American video

As provided by Gretty and Gaddy
  • Six scenes involving beautiful scenery, mostly while Maxim and the SMdW (Second Mrs. deWinter) are driving in various locales.
  • Missing: After the disaster at Mrs. VanHopper's party, the next day Max and the girl go for another drive in the countryside, where he berates himself for losing his temper at the party; they then stroll around and she says, "You could be gone tomorrow and you'd forget all about me." To which he replies, very seriously, "I'd never forget you." (There's more words, but that's the jist.)
  • MAJOR missing scene: Their honeymoon, which is over 11 minutes long. They are on a ship. There is only a short scene featuring Amelia Fox's breasts, but the rest is very important to setting the stage about Max deWinter's disposition. It involves a very glamorous "do" the beauty salon gives the very attractive but basic 2MdW - a total makeover with eye shadow and vivid red lipstick. They tint her hair, too. She also buys a gorgeous black dress. When Max sees her - and this is in the First Class dining salon, there is the most awful scene of fury in the film. It's incredible. CD is actually frightening.
  • MIssing: After the two leave the ship's dining room in cold silence, they are back in their stateroom, and Max is overcome with remorse at losing his temper; his wife is in tears. Forshadowing the scene at the big party, he asks himself how he could be so insensitive, and promises never to do such a thing again; they kiss and make up.
  • Missing: A tea with Max's grandmother, including Max's sister (Geraldine James) and other relations. This is an important scene. Nana is dotty and keeps grumping because she wants to see Rebecca. "Where is Rebecca?" she demands, frequently.
  • Missing: Much of the preparation for the masked ball at Manderley, including the dressing of 2MdW. The blow-up is still there, but a short, very telling following scene is missing: Max in the cottage (which he has avoided since Rebecca's death) weeping. Very dramatic, short scene for CD.
  • Missing: The finale of the ball - "God Save the King" and fireworks.
  • Missing: Part of Favell's first visit.
  • Missing: Two love scenes between Max and Mrs. deWinter #2 in bed at Manderley.
  • Missing: Part of Danvers bizarre ritual in Rebecca's boudoir.
  • Missing: After the scene over the broken angel, Mrs. Danvers and Frith leave the room; Max and wife discuss her shyness; there is small scene cut where Mrs. Danvers was listening outside the door; as she turns and walks away, there is a grim smile on her face.

You can write your local PBS Station and demand to see "Rebecca" uncut, as it was meant to be shown, but you'll probably see the unedited version quicker by ordering the PAL (British) format of the video and having it converted!

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